2 December 2022

Sensuality (interactive novel for men) v0.51 (Mod Apk)

Sensuality (interactive novel for men)

Sensuality (interactive novel for men) v0.51 (Mod Apk) Sensuality – is the collection of best erotic interactive stories, in which every your step is important!
Dream of being the hero of fantasy world and dive into love adventures? Want to have relationships with hot and attractive boys and girls?
Meet the new visual novels of favourite genres! Dive into the fantasy world, solve mysterious riddles, watch the shocking drama with your own eyes and start the thrilling steampunk adventures!
+ Choose stories of our collection and read new chapters
+ Create your own unique look by changing the appearance and clothes of characters
+ Solve secrets and make tough choices
+ Make friends and defeat enemies
+ Build relationships: will you be a hot lover or not break a taboo?
+ Collect racy pictures with characters of episodes
+ Make choices that impacts your fate!

Running from the hostile soldiers, you find a mysterious estate and pretend to be an ordinary mercenary. You are promised an open-armed welcome and a nice company… But who is the mysterious mistress of the old estate in fact? Will you get over the danger, solve all the secrets of a lovely stranger and keep yourself alive?

Death remedy
It isn’t easy to be a talented alchemist, rejected by the punditry. But you are not discouraged and dream of creating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone! Without even realising the price you have to pay. One morning you accidentally meet the love of your life…

Download Sensuality and find the unbelievable freedom of choices.

Sensuality is not a collection of interactive stories. These are two graphic novels with a continuous plot development. One interactive novel for men 18+ and one interactive novel for women 18+! Our adult novels are rated 16+ or 18+, depending on the country. In each chapter, sexy characters await you, with whom you can both ruin and improve. Embark on a dangerous erotic adventure in medieval fantasy! Temptation will await you at every turn. Your choices can make your deepest erotic fantasies come true. Become a real medieval girls pick-up or be rude. The game for adult men and women will not leave you indifferent.
Sensuality (interactive novel for men)
Sensuality (interactive novel for men)
Sensuality (interactive novel for men)
Sensuality (interactive novel for men)
Sensuality (interactive novel for men)
Sensuality (interactive novel for men)

MOD: v1
1. Free Premium Choices
Premium choices and free choices will look the same so just make a choice the interests


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