7 February 2023

HUNTER×HUNTER v7.4.0 Mod Apk (One Hit KO/God Mode)

HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ

HUNTER×HUNTER v7.4.0 Mod APK (One Hit KO/God Mode) Android Mobil Action Games From HUNTER×HUNTER Mod APK DOWNLOAD.

Popular manga / anime “HUNTER × HUNTER” finally appeared in the smartphone app!

■ game introduction
Formed a dream team in the characters that appear in the world of “HUNTER × HUNTER”! While collecting a fellow through missions and scout, and doing a variety of missions, Aim the title of triple Hunter!

■ “HUNTER × HUNTER” All-Star!
Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, etc., familiar characters, of course Hunter Association members, illusion brigade, shadow beast, GI players, characters have the total appearance of “HUNTER × HUNTER” until Kimeraanto!

■ intuitive “real-time × Hunter Action”
Game by swiping the screen, easy operation of only give instructions to the character.
For example, to trigger the ad hoc members change and powerful skills, while assessing the ever-changing tactical situation, I will Kachinuko the battle.

■ formed the original team that are tailored to their strategy !!
That can be specialized “Fighter” and long-range attack to attack power “Sniper”, such as the possible recovery of HP “healer”, by combining the hunter types and various skills, is a variety of strategic battle deployment. Organizes the strongest team of your own, the mission clear Aim !!

※ This app allows you to play for free until the end, but also available some Free-to-play.
[Recommended terminal]
Android OS Ver.4.0 or later
Check on the “Terms of Use” before use, please use.
(1) Recommended Model and, concerning the operation of other than the recommended OS version, it will be outside the scope of support.
(2) With your usage, even the recommended models might operate is unstable.
(3) for the recommended OS version, even if you have described as “Android4.0 or more”, not in the one that necessarily correspond to the latest version.
[Latest and recommended models, for other inquiries]
[Inquiries about this product here]
[Bandai Namco entertainment official site]

© POT (Yoshihiro Togashi 1998 -2011 years) © VAP · NTV Madhouse © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

This application, you have to deliver to give a formal permission of the copyright holder.
From April 1, 2015, the company name has changed from “NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.” to “NAMCO BANDAI entertainment”.

HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ
HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ
HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ
HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ
HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ
HUNTER×HUNTER バトルオールスターズ

Mod v1:
1. x50 health
2. x50 defense
3. x50 attack


HUNTER×HUNTER v7.4.0 Mod Apk (One Hit KO/God Mode) – DRİVE LINK

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HUNTER×HUNTER v7.4.0 Mod Apk (One Hit KO/God Mode) – MEGA LINK

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