27 March 2023

Robot Dog City Simulator v1.027 (Mod Apk)

Robot Dog City Simulator

Robot Dog City Simulator v1.027 (Mod Apk)

This game will tell you about the life of a robot dog in the city. Together with the protagonist you will save city from evil bandits, other robot dogs, protect the city inhabitant, and of course, have fun!

The robot dog was recently bought by new owners. They brought the dog into the house and unpacked it. The new robot dog did not sit on the spot for long and ran out into the yard. In the courtyard the dog met his first friend that showed all the charms of life in the city. You can fly on a jet pack, break everything you see, shoot down various objects, throw cars. You can even shoot from the bazooka! Try to shoot from the bazooka. You will see how fragments of buildings, roads, cars, robots and everything else fly apart in all directions.

The streets of the city are a dangerous place even for robot dog. You must be very careful not to get under the wheels of cars. Also in the city there are a lot of homeless robot dogs, these dogs want to bite the hero. But this is not the most dangerous thing. A lot of crazy characters threaten the inhabitants of the city! It’s unlikely that people will be able to cope. Only you can help them. To cope with the dangerous enemies, the robot dog can improve various characteristics: attack power, life points, speed, jet pack and bazooka use time.
Life would not be so interesting if the robot dogs could not entertain themselves. Our protagonist loves to climb onto the roofs of houses and fly over the city with a jet pack. Or you can take a bazooka and shoot. by the way every robot dog wants to be unique, so you can always customize yourself.

✅ Make a mess. Break cars. Destroy the blocky city. Attack people
✅ Fire a bazooka.
✅ Fly over the blocky city on a jet pack
✅ Crazy missions.
✅ Huge blocky city to explore
✅ Character customization.
✅ Destructible objects.
✅ Cool 3D low poly graphics.
✅ Upgrade robot dog.
✅ Get a combo when destroying several objects. The more destruction, the more points!
✅ Get free rewards every hour
✅ Collect the coins, they will be useful to you

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Robot Dog City Simulator
Robot Dog City Simulator
Robot Dog City Simulator
Robot Dog City Simulator
Robot Dog City Simulator
Robot Dog City Simulator

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