31 January 2023

Poppy Playtime Has A BIG Problem… Apk Mod

i still v much enjoy poppy playtime, but damn this is weird






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Description (From Wikipedia)

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 1 – A Tight Squeeze, commonly known as Chapter One or abbreviated as CH1, is the first chapter for Poppy Playtime. It was released on October 13 on Steam.

It revolves around the unamed player, an ex-employee of the toy manufacturing business Playtime Co. whose employees when missing abruptly one day, and receives a letter from an anonymous sender stating that ‘we’re still here’. This incites the protagonist to go back to the abandoned factory and investigate it to find out what is happening.

Playtime Co. is a toy-making company, and the location where the game takes place. It was likely established in the 1950s, considering the aesthetic and lack of deeply advanced technology. However, the factory likely made its demise some time past the 80s depending.

In this game, you play as an ex-employee of a company labelled “Playtime Co.” Playtime Co. was once a corporate giant company that was in the toy manufacturing industry – that was until everybody inside the factory went missing. Now, years later, you return to the factory to investigate these unknown missing cases.

One of the main mascots of PlayTime Co, he was one of the best sellers and found a place in the hearts of many children across the globe due to the fact that he was programmed to hug people, or because he was found to be cute. Nobody really knows what made him so appealing. However, due to experimentation on the toys at Playtime Co., a Huggy Wuggy seems to have come to life and gone rogue, killing everyone that crosses its path.

The Player is the main protagonist of Poppy’s Playtime and is the person you currently play as during Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. There is not much to say about The Player since we never get a introduction to who they could be.

However, there’s a recurring theory that the live toys, such as the murderous HH, were actually human experiments. There’s a theory that the player has ties to whoever was running the operation, or looked similar to them, which is why they were so ferociously attacked. This is not canon, and this may be disputed later on as more lore is revealed.

Poppy Playtime is a minor character inside Chapter 1, and will most likely be an important character for the upcoming chapters. Poppy is a highly intelligent toy, she has the ability to properly converse with a child. She’s also programmed to talk and communicate like a real little girl. Her first debut is in Chapter 1 and is featured inside the first VHS tape the player receives in the game, in which she appears in her own commercial tape.

In the final scene, she’s seen in a glass case seemingly dormant, until the player opens her case. Her eyes open, the lights go out and you hear her say, “You opened my case…”

The Grab Pack was shown to have been used by factory workers to do heavy lifting and general tasks that would have been hard for the average man to do alone, or even in groups. Not to mention, that in the chase scene, the player used it to pull a huge box over an entrance to deter a murderous Huggy Wuggy, and instead destroys the entire mesh floor with the box and takes Huggy Wuggy down with it.

This shows that it’s incredibly powerful, managing to pull down a box like that with ease. In VHS 2, it’s also shown that it can easily decapitate a person with relative ease. In VHS 2, because of this, it was strongly advised to use these with care for that very reason. Decapitating your coworker is not ideal.

(Steam Page)
You must stay alive in this horror/puzzle adventure. Try to survive the vengeful toys waiting for you in the abandoned toy factory. Use your GrabPack to hack electrical circuits or nab anything from afar. Explore the mysterious facility… and don’t get caught.


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Are you passionate about new horror games with unique elements? If so, Poppy Playtime will promise to bring new personalities funny stories to create an impression. You will be the one to participate in this horror adventure on your own, and you will discover many mysteries in the dark corner. The game provides you with a series of practical features so that you can uncover those horrifying truths. Be a brave warrior who dares to face all challenges and meet the game’s requirements.


The challenge for you is to explore the dark rooms and collect as many toys as the company requires. This task is challenging, but you can rest assured because of the enthusiastic support and companionship from Poppy Playtime. Players also need to prepare the necessary items to dare to enter that room. No one knows in advance whether you will come back from those ordeals, and you don’t know where your life will take you.

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First, Poppy Playtime shows you the virtual opening and the fun that the game brings. Players will also be surprised by the images and create unique features in this game. You will be an influential person in the toy company and are looking to find the stolen toys in the game. The bad guys stop as if they want to tease you when you have hidden those items in the abandoned house, and you have to come and find them.

These toys are the fruit of your activity, and you need to earn a new price. However, the challenge was brought up by that abandoned house that was known for its mystery. No one has dared to come and explore inside because dark rooms will appear, and no one knows what is in them. However, with the ability and courage, you dare to step in there and find the precious items you have created.

When you open the door of that room, you will suddenly see black shadows appear around you. If they do not harm you, you should avoid them and walk away. But if they intend to attack you, you must use the weapons you have to destroy. You can also use a superpower flashlight and shine on them to scare them off. You also need to find your favorite toys to complete the task using the flashlight.


Players also need to upgrade and recharge the lamp because they are the treasure you need most in Poppy Playtime. Moreover, you also quickly find the living areas of the room and find more essential information areas. Your aim in this game is to dig up information and uncover important facts.


  • Step into the mysterious rooms in the main building to receive the big tasks that the game sets and requires you to solve completely.
  • You will meet dark shadows all over the house, and they are looking for ways to threaten you, use an ordinary flashlight to destroy them.
  • Use the accompanying weapons to destroy the monsters and demons that appear to hinder your investigation.
  • Enter the intermediate room and get the secret information, as well as get the toys you are looking for.
  • Upgrade your mobility and shapeshift to create the signature impression of this fascinating quest game.

Poppy Playtime Chapter APK (Full Game) Download


Players also need to fight with the ghosts in the game to win their lives. If you are attacked, you must immediately alert the game to the game to send people to rescue. However, the game will also give you support features to prevent the most necessary cases. You will also be entered into a new room and begin the next series of explorations. The game will always follow you in all the action and help you enthusiastically to create the safest connections for players.

The excitement and drama are always put in Poppy Playtime to help you create objective views. Players are always surprised by the stories involved as well as the challenges that the game poses. Moreover, you can also see the ghost appearing in the game because the sound has a strong impression. More specifically, after discovering the mystery in this room, you will also be allowed to open another much more interesting room.

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