4 February 2023

Soul Tide Th v12.41.2 (Mod Apk)

Soul Tide Th

Soul Tide Th v12.41.2 (Mod Apk)

Suddenly, strange giant trees appeared all over the New Moon Continent. These giant trees are connected in a chaotic maze filled with monsters and traps — the Kingdom of Witches.
to destroy the kingdom of witches The soul of another world was given a body and was reborn here. This is [Puppet].
and under the leadership of fate You will become a puppeteer who controls these puppets.
Please explore another world maze with your puppets. Unravel the reality of the collapse of the world. And let’s turn rottenness into something wonderful together!

[Game Highlights]

raise a puppet
All puppet girls have no rarity rating. alien cat A young commander, a ninja loli, a princess of a fallen country… They have their own distinctive personalities and traits. have different growth values and special combat characteristics that are not the same
Please take these beautiful puppet girls on an adventure!

Explore the maze
More than 50 random elements and 100 random events are randomly merged into a chaotic maze, mechanics, traps, puzzles… full of obstacles. and countless puzzles
Please use your skills to guide the beautiful puppets, solve the mystery and destroy the witch’s evil plans!

love interaction
Each beautiful girl has a unique story behind it. Featuring over 50 dating clips, 50 interactive comments, over 100 popular Japanese voice actors’ popular voices, a million-word story plot gives each character a soul.
Let’s go on a date with your beautiful puppet. unlock all their memories and dive to the bottom of their hearts!

When the puppet has no rarity Strategy is the key to affecting combat situations. Each puppet has 2 sets of skills and stats, and teams can be organized independently.
Please show your strategic ability to the fullest. Organize a special team according to each boss’ weak point. And turn the situation around in the witch kingdom!

new fighting style
In the roguelike push, the three-selection roguelike system has been creatively integrated into the combat system. make every fight times can feel a new experience
In the ever-changing battle Please grab the key that can change the situation of the battle. And lead a beautiful puppet girl to win together!

Soul Tide
Soul Tide
Soul Tide
Soul Tide
Soul Tide
Soul Tide

MOD Features*
Mod Menu
>God Mode
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier
>Easy Win
>Block Enemy Heal


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