22 March 2023

The Best FNAF Game EVER | JR's Explained Apk Mod

The Best FNAF Game EVER | JR's Explained

JR’s is NOT the best FNAF fangame I’ve played. It’s the best FNAF GAME I’ve ever played, exceeding even the original series. I had actually set out to do a JR’s Story Explained video, but I found I couldn’t help myself from talking about how awesome the gameplay is! FNAF lore is obviously really deep, and JR’s lore connects to FNAF in some interesting ways. I cover it near the end of the video!

Ignoring any controversy and evaluating the game based on its merits as a game alone, I can confidently say that JR’s is my favorite FNAF-style game ever. Nothing else even comes close.

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To the JR’s team: The game is fantastic, and it deserves the insanely positive reception that it has received. Congratulations; you should all be crazy proud of what you have achieved here. Your team of dedicated volunteers ended up creating something that I truly believe pushes FNAF’s gameplay to previously-unseen levels. That’s what indie development is all about, and I’m positive that JR’s will inspire a ton of young FNAF fans to give game development a shot.

Thank you so much for making this game and sharing it with the community.


To Give a Marionette Life Lofi – @RiftiBeats: youtu.be/dlZ35l0zMis
JR’s Ending Theme – 3FS

Thanks to @throwawayaccount7141 for their assistance in the production of this video! They actually just released a brand new FNAF Save File editor on Gamejolt, and it supports fangames like JR’s! Check it out, and please give him a follow!:

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JR’s is a horror game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF). It’s free for you to download and take part in a mysterious adventure.

Five Nights at Freddy’s JR’s will allow you to have more than one battle. Each time you play this game, you will have your chance to know better

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