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Defense Witcher 2

Defense Witcher 2 v0.7.20 Mod Apk ▼ Tower Defense Game (Tower Defense Game) ……

It is a game (defense game) aimed at defeating enemies invading into their own territory.

The player places the facility (tower) in an arbitrary place,
Placed facilities are characterized by actions automatically.
In this work we will make a defense by placing a magical girl full of personality instead of a tower.

◇ Game introduction
Magical girl × Cultivate beautiful girl × Tower defense
Moe to pretty girls with cute and cute illustrations with high resolution graphics!
Magical girls drawn with full Voice’s cute Moe’s illustrations by gorgeous voice actors,
Completely free full-scale simulation RPG (SRPG) game to battle with full voice!
It is a popular real-time strategy (RTS), a royal road tower defense (Tower defense (TD) full of indulgence elements!

◇ Story
One year since then –
Former Rasubosu, reconciled with magical girls, “Dai Maorou Cornet”
I was allowed to transfer to a magical school, and I was living a loose school life.
However, only one announcement changes her complexion.

– Good job –
Difficulty torpedo!
Mahou Shouji!
Return to the cornet!
From me, Mr. Celesta

«It is already over ……»
Crown Celesta. Cornet’s older sister.
If you regain the power of the heyday, you can destroy the world in seven days as the king of destruction.
Her frightenedness was older sister Cornet knew more than anyone.

«I’m OK! Cornet – chan! »
An unprecedented crisis that pushes the world again.
«Let’s defend again with everyone! »

The new defense of the magical girls now begins … ….

Introduction of the main character of this work
Cornet ……… Former rasubos (?) About 10 years old Stitchford Magical School First grader (alternate)
“Everyone gets caught” …. I kept aiming for a seal stone on the grounds that … … so cute original former Great Satan.
I became friends with magical girls through a year ‘s battle, and became friends at the magical school.
The noisy and selfish personality remains as usual, and it has turned into a school problem child as soon as possible,
There is a wonderful and unhappy cuteness and its popularity is high.

As a condition of enrollment, receiving the secret of a certain space-time wizard, because human power has become stronger,
Magical power has become very weak, but the growth has improved greatly.

Mint ……… Mysterious Magical Girl 10 years old A girl that closely resembles Daisy who uses magic.
She seems to have been blown off by a magical force from another place, and most of the memory is missing.

If there is a place attacked by a demon, it is a sex that can not be defeated,
She says, “That instinct of a magical girl that remained slightly”.

It has an innocent personality, it is perfectly fit and can get along with anyone quickly.
There are things that I ride in tone as a cheap but it is a child that praises and spreads.
After all, it closely resembles Daisy.

Will her memory come back?
And what is its identity?

Felt ……… serious transfer student 13 years old Stithford Magical School first grader
Transfer student who came from ‘Yubari village’ with twin sister.
Use unusual ancient magic that remains only in some areas.

He has a serious personality and high potential ability, but because he had not received formal magical education,
Sometimes magic runaway and cause trouble.

I am always worried about my sister’s intention.
The ancient magic she manipulates with explosive magic transmitted to the royal family such as Princess Tiana
Many similarities are seen, but the relationship is a mystery.

… There are plenty of cute Moe-based magical girls full of personality that can also be summoned!

▼ Characteristics of Defense Witches 2 (DW 2)

◇ Prepare three game modes that you can enjoy from beginners to advanced players, full loading of elements!
· “Easy mode” ……… Easy to operate, recommended for those who want to enjoy TD (Tower Defense) games casually
· “Normal mode” ……… Recommended for those who want to enjoy strategy such as training magical girls and competing with other players
· “Difficult mode” ……… full of indentation elements, intense Muzu Recommended for those who want to capture TD (Tower Defense) game

◇ Strategic essential SRPG defense battle!
The monsters are targeting the “seal stone” in which the power of the devil is contained.
Summon to cute cute magical girls that have become Chibi characterized to a favorite position, and protect the seal stone from the demon that inflates!
Defeat the monsters, get the MP, summon the magical girl and defend it!
Place to summon, compatibility of timing and attributes to be summoned … strategic necessity!
Magical girls have different attack power, attack range, attack speed, etc., depending on characters.
When summoning a magical girl, it responds with full voice with gorgeous voice actor!
Fun and easy to understand how to use and magic girls, delivered in cartoon “Manga Theater & Hint”
Each time you move to a new world, a strong monster appeared! Defense strategy is difficult!
Advance the stage and you can earn a new magical girl! Even if you do not charge you can play for free!


◇ Protect sealed stone!
The monsters come aiming at sealed stones one by one.
When a monster arrives at a sealed stone, the seal stone will be damaged.
Let’s annihilate the monsters before the sealed stone’s HP becomes zero and it breaks.

◇ Touch tower defense with touch! Easy to operate and easy to play!
Place a magical girl in accordance with the enemies attacking, and protect the seal stone.
The difficulty level will be higher for each stage.


◆ □ ◆ gorgeous voice actors who color the series (full voice) ◆ □ ◆
Yoshinori Aoshi / Isao Ishizaki / Yuji Ehara / Yuzu Ohno / Yui Ogura / Emi Kato / Risa Kubota
Kuwabara Yui / Sesame Tsuru Aya / Shiba Entry Nozomi / Sugita Norikazu / Takada Maki / Taketa Ayano / Nagai Ariyah / Sakako Hata
Mitsuo Hayashimoto / Tomomi Murase


▼ Recommended for this person!
· Moe Musical Bishoujo game app I love!
· Want to do free popular simulation RPG (SRPG)!
· Moe Musical Bishoujo want turnkey tower defense (Tower defense: TD)!
· I want to have a tough defensive tough defense (TD)!
· I want to make a full voice Moe type beautiful girl game application!
· Cute but fierce muscle! Simulation RPG (SRPG) wants to play!
· I want to play a full-scale Tower Defense game that can be enjoyed even without charge!
· Cute Chibi characters speak with full voice! Turn-based strategy I want to play with strategy defense game!
· I like a full voice Voice Girl Illustration Game by a luxurious voice actor!
· Chibi Character illustration pretty simulation RPG (SRPG) likes!
· Furious Musume! I want to play with a difficult simulation RPG (SRPG)!
· I want to play with the popular turn-based real-time strategy (RTS)!
· I want to do strategy essential intense Muz real time strategy (RTS) and defense game!
· Cute Chibi characters speak with full voice! I want to play popular real time strategy (RTS) for free!
· Chibi characters! Luxury voice actors! Magical girl! I like beautiful girl characters!
· I want to enjoy real-time strategy (RTS) with cute world view, illustration!



▼ App body: free
※ There are some charged items.
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using.

◆ ◇ Recommended operating environment ◆ ◇
* Recommended environment: Android 5.0 or later
※ Capacity required: 800M or more
* RAM: 2 G or more
* We do not guarantee the operation even if it is a compatible model. be careful.
* We recommend updating in a stable communication environment such as Wi-Fi.

◆ To check the latest information
Deliver the latest information on “DW 2” on Twitter on the official website! Check the information of “DW 2” earlier than anyone else!

〔Official site〕

[Official Twitter] 2

◆ Help · Inquiries
Questions to the review column and official Twitter can not answer individual correspondence.
If you have any opinions or requests about the game, please send it to the following e-mail address.


Mod Menu
Plus Hero Damage


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