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Kotodaman v4.5.0 Mod Apk A new sensation RPG fighting with “words”!
Combining character spirit “Kotodaman”
Let’s attack by making “words”!
Damage changes due to the number and length of words!

【Problem】 — Shō o kyo —-
“Yu” “Ka” “Shi” “Ki”
Which character (Kotodaman) will you put?
Registered words are “over 200,000 words”! !

■ Character rich in character
More than 350 Kotodaman appeared!
All Kotodaman will move with animation!
growth! evolution! Skill activation!
Let’s make a deck that makes the strongest “words”!

■ A luxurious voice actor team that uniquely colors Kotdaman!
Masashi Uchida / Yuki Ono / Mai Kadowaki / Aya Sakura / Tomokazu Sugita
Cast over 40 other people!

■ Story
How was “language” and “Kotodaman” born?
A story of “words” that you read with character acquisition.
Can you know all of Kotodaman! What?

Development: Sega

Official Twitter: @kotodaman_pr
Official website: https: // 【新作】コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG
【新作】コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG
【新作】コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG
【新作】コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG
【新作】コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG
【新作】コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG

>One Hit Kill (Might get stuck on some battles, restart with win results validated)
>Dumb Enemy (reapply every turn)


Kotodaman v4.5.0 Mod Apk – ZIPPYSHARE

Kotodaman v4.5.0 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

1. Weak Enemy HP
2. AutoBattle


Kotodaman v4.0.0 Mod Apk – ZIPPYSHARE

Kotodaman v4.0.0 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

Kotodaman v4.0.0 Mod Apk – UPLOADED

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